Ezra Pound on Robert Frost

From The Literary Essays of Ezra Pound, Robert Frost (Two Reviews):

There is another personality in the realm of verse, another American, found, as usual, on this side of the water, by an English publisher long known as a lover of good letters. David Nutt publishes at his own expense A Boy’s Will, by Robert Frost, the latter having been long scorned by ‘great American editors’. It is the old story…

…I remember that I was once canoeing and thirsty and I put in to a shanty for water and found a man there who had no water and gave me cold coffee instead. And he didn’t understand it, he was from a minor city and he ‘just set there watchin’ the river’ and didn’t ‘seem to want to go back’ and he didn’t much care for anything else. And so I presume he entered into Ananda. And I remember Joseph Campbell telling me of meeting a man on a desolate waste of bogs, and he said to him. ‘It’s rather dull here,’ and the man said, ‘Faith, ye can sit on a middan and dream stars.’

And that is the essence of folk poetry with distinction between America and Ireland. And Frost’s book reminded me of these things.

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