Today at the Missouri Supreme Court

Got the email about the latest at the Missouri Supreme Court from communications counsel Beth Riggert, and thought that I don’t know of any Missouri blogs that blog Missouri Supreme Court decisions, so I thought I’d at least post the decisions:

1. Orla Holman Cemetery and Susan Rector vs The R. Plaster Trust, Stephen Plaster, Village of Evergreen:

The undisputed facts establish that Laclede County owns Row Crop Road. Because the Village of Evergreen did not annex the road, it is not within the Village’s boundaries, and the Village has no authority to regulate it. Because Orla Holman Cemetery has not proven it is entitled to judgment as a matter of law to an easement over the parking area, this Court reverses that part of the judgment and remands the case. In all other respects, the judgment is affirmed.

2. Manion vs. Elliott: The court decides in favor of a defendant in a probation revocation action where the presiding judge denied a request for a change of judge.

3. Akins vs. Director of Revenue: The court decides that 3 convictions stemming from one drunk driving incident meets the criteria for a ten-year license revocation.

4. Engel vs. Dormire: A rather sordid tale of government agents bribing informants and an innocent man’s 26-year struggle for justice.

5. Missouri vs. Brooks: Prosecutors use a defendant’s post-Miranda silence to impeach the defendant’s credibility. The court agrees with the defendant that this is unfair, reversing the decision and remanding the case back to the trial court.


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