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Faulkner on Khrushchev on the police state

Mr. Khrushchev says that Communism, the police state, will bury the free ones. He is a smart gentleman, he knows that this is nonsense since freedom, man’s dim concept of and belief in the human spirit is the cause of all his troubles in his own country. But if he means that Communism will bury capitalism, he is correct. That funeral will occur about ten minutes after the police bury gambling. Because simple man, the human race, will bury both of them. That will be when we have expended the last grain, dram, and iota of our natural resources. But man himself will not be in that grave. The last sound on the worthless earth will be two human beings trying to launch a homemade spaceship and already quarreling about where they are going next.

-William Faulkner in a speech to the UNESCO Commission, as quoted in The New York Times (3 October 1959)

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Roethke on Faulkner

In a letter to Kenneth Burke, dated Feb. 8, 1949, Ted Roethke notes:

…Hope you like the kid’s piece. Off-hand, I don’t know anyone who’s tried this before, with any success. Joeyce is something else. (Yearh, yeah, and a slackened tension, often). Also Faulkner in As I Lay Dying isn’t the same, and doesn’t hold up so well on re-reading.

The “kid’s piece” is in reference to a poem Roethke had out for submission at the time, written from the perspective of a small child. The poem is titled “Where Knock is Open Wide”; the only place I can find it is on JSTOR, here.

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