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The Clock Without a Face

A new treasure hunt book! The author is Gus Twintig and the book is being sold through McSweeney’s. From the description:

We’ve buried 12 emerald-studded numbers—each handmade and one of a kind—in 12 holes across the United States. These treasures will belong to whoever digs them up first. The question: Where to dig? The only path to the answer: Solve the riddles of The Clock Without a Face!

Here is Twintig answering questions on the book. The only book on his list of inspirations for this treasure hunt that I am familiar with is Ellen Raskin’s The Westing Game, which was a favorite of mine during my early adolescence. Here is Twintig’s blog and you can follow him on Twitter as well.

Anyone up for a road trip this summer?

H/T: Shawn Borich

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