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New STL plan looks nice, but do we have to give out more tax credits?

My bro Asim sends me a link to the City to River blog, a website advocating for the revitalization of downtown Saint Louis. The plan advocated by the City to River folks seems like a good one to my non-expert judgement, but Asim suggests further that:

A signature, at-grade boulevard with some tax credits to bring in businesses, coupled with the subsequent creation of a special tax district to fund improvements to the Arch grounds would make much more sense, wouldn’t it?
As a matter of public policy, I think that using a special tax district and targeted tax credits sounds nice, but really is an implicit admission that it’s already too expensive to set up a business in downtown St. Louis. I’d rather want to see a focus on decreasing the cost of doing business in St. Louis across the board than see a process that will pick political winners or losers.
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