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How To Solve African Desertification

From Africa News, Jan. 15th, 2008, accessed Lexis-Nexis:

But a conversation I had with someone on bus while travelling to Kitgum Town in northern Uganda shaded a new light on the reason why people do what they do. When I raised the issue of environmental impact of tree cutting on the future, my friend quickly reminded me that one worries about environment if they think there is a future. And indeed in the case of Northern Uganda people, it is not hard to believe that such is the prevailing attitude of the day. Life in camps give anyone very little hope of the future. Perhaps, that is the driving force behind desertification throughout Africa. The only solution to this problem is to provide people with alternative means of survival and to offer them basic environmental classes. Without quick change of attitude, Africa will burn and soon the rest of the world will follow. And none of the conservation on environment going on in the western world will mean a damn thing without saving Africa or any other third world continent like South America.

I guess I should file this in the ‘growth good’ file.

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