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Words from Nabokov

Some words I found in Nabokov’s Ada or Ardor: fubsy, joggle, glebe, harridan, lavabo, crepitated, oriflamme.

Next week: love words.

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The Nabokov in the Room

I would not go so far as some who would insist that a Hindu is not the person to ask about Hinduism, as Harvard professor Roman Jakobson notoriously objected to Nabokov’s bid for chairmanship of the Russian literature department: “I do respect very much the elephant, but would you give him the chair of zoology?”

Another excellent quote I spotted on Marginal Revolution. The author is Wendy Doniger in The Hindus: An Alternative History.

I might note that you could replace Nabokov with Richard Posner and have a very interesting conversation on why Posner isn’t on the Supreme Court.