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YouTube Videos of YDA Candidates

I have YouTube video of Chris Anderson, A’shanti, and Rick Puig here. Anderson is running for President; A’shanti is running for Executive VP, and Puig is running for VP. I’ve blogged about them below and we would appreciate the support of YDA delegates at the convention here in Chicago.

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More YDA Blogging: Why I’m Voting Chris Anderson for YDA President

As part of my 2009 YDA convention blogging, here’s why I advocate electing Chris Anderson president of the Young Democrats of America. Chris is currently the Executive VP and is running on a ticket that includes A’shanti Fayshel Gholar of Nevada for Executive Vice President, Zack Hawkins, Rick Puig, andJen Bissett for Vice President, Amy Groya for Treasurer, and Amanda Nelson for Secretary. Here is YouTube of Chris Anderson’s 2007 YDA speech, accepting the nomination for Executive Vice President.

I am personally impressed with Chris’s drive and cool, even-handed personality. With a record of service with YDA that began with a role as founding Young Democrats chapters at his high school and college, he’s demonstrated a commitment to the YDA that has taken him through every level of the organization. To my knowledge, he’s been to every YDA national meeting, facilitating training sessions that are critical to getting American youths involved and empowered in the democratic process.

Chris is also part of the first openly gay leadership team to successfully run for executive office in the YDA national organization and a strong advocate for LGBT rights. In a nation where the Republican party refuses to even engage a meaningful or fair dialogue on LGBT rights (read: human rights), this is incredibly important.

I plan on voting for the ticket headed by Chris Anderson this weekend. It seems to me that the ticket as a whole (and particularly the candidates who I know personally) represent the qualities that Young Democrats need in leadership: motivation, perspective, and perhaps most importantly, intelligence. If that strikes you as a cause that you would like to support, I ask for your votes at the National Convention this weekend.

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