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Traiberman-Li Blog

Two of my former high school debate friends, Sharon Traiberman and Jimmy Li, have graduated college and have started a blog. I highly recommend it for people interested in good analytical arguments, particularly with regard to economics and ethics.

On an aside, Sharon Traiberman remains one of the people I felt were truly treated unfairly by the the politics of Missouri high school debate. He has always been a brilliant thinker and unfortunately innovation outside of the narrow political box of Missouri high school debate has never been consistently rewarded.

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Blogging for the Boone County Democrats

Brian Goldstein, Executive Director of the Boone County Democrats (and a personal friend of mine), recently asked me if I was interested in posting commentary to the Boone County Democrat blog, here. I don’t think this will result in me posting here less (actually, I hope to increase the quality and amount I write here substantially). I hope to stick to commentary from an economic or analytical framework and hope to not get drawn into the partisan flame-wars that unfortunately characterize our political discourse (though I feel I’ve been as guilty as any).

Here is my first post for the Boone County Democrats; it provides a partial analysis of Representative Mary Still’s payday reform bill. I have written on the subject earlier this year when Rep. Still held a forum in Columbia to discuss the issue, here.

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