Kyle Blaeuer, the Racist Working for the Columbia Dinner Train

So I was invited to a dinner event of the Columbia, Missouri Dinner Train on Facebook. I remember the Dinner Train from a small protest that the Columbia Missourian reported on last year:

A line of 14 people formed at the opening of the Columbia Star Dinner Train Friday night – with no intention to ride.

The Columbia Star’s inaugural run was met by protesters from the disabilities community wielding signs with phrases such as “I would rather be on the dinner train” and “I have wheels, will you subsidize me?”

Protesters began arriving around 5 p.m. to protest the train’s first ride. At the demonstration, many protesters voiced their disapproval of the council’s use of public funding and resources to support the business coming to Columbia.

Last year, the Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau approved $45,000 to help move the train to Columbia from Denver, Iowa. About $20,000 more in public money was used to upgrade the exisiting train station’s facilities and prepare them for use. The Columbia Star also uses the city’s rail line, which runs between Columbia and Centralia and the city-owned train station at 6501 Brown Station Road.

“Our biggest problem is that the government gave $65,000 to the business,” Allison Reinhart, one of the protesters, said. “The business being inaccessible is bad, but them giving the train tax dollars is what we’re mad about.”

Anyway, so when I received the unsolicited Facebook invite to the Dinner Train event I left a comment about how the Dinner Train shouldn’t be taking public money to support its business. That’s my view, and I don’t apologize for it, although I recognize that other people disagree with me, sometimes profoundly. I do respect other viewpoints and take them seriously and civilly in the public discourse. Anyway, my comments led an employee of the Columbia Dinner Train, Kyle Brandon Blaeuer, to send me a rather nasty private message:

Hey i just wanted to let you know i’m a Columbia resident and i personally work on this train. I am a college student and I make more money in one day on the train than I make working full time at my other job. You are a stupid fucking sand nigger from Colorado. why dont you waste your time trying to bitch on peoples sites that abuse unemployment or do other things instead of employing people in this town, bringing tax revenue, and helping college students get by. How pathetic are you? go back to your fucking country and stay out of ours! you are nothing but a brown worthless nigger. If our country had more people like you trying to ruin everyone else business then we would be more like your worthless sand-ridden mess of an area you and your worthless bloodline descended. Die and shut the fuck up. Give other people jobs because without this job i’d be in a much worse place. Your pathetic. enjoy ranting about something that happened 18 months ago, and cant be changed, and has helped our community since the first day. I hope you get to give the same for your community. A bunch of stoners and worthless fucks just like you. Enjoy.

Anyway, for the record:

I am a natural born citizen (Houston, Texas, 1984). I lived in Columbia for 9 years and put myself through school working in the wine and restaurant industries. I don’t care to disclose my income or charity but I have made substantial investments in the community during my time in Columbia. I now work in Denver as a political consultant though I hope to return to Columbia at some point in the next few years as it is a great place to raise a family. Anyway, I hope Mr. Blaeuer can learn how to disagree civilly over politics and economics and not stoop t0 calling me “sand-nigger” and spewing racist vitriol in the future; otherwise he will remain a discredit to his company and his community.


11 thoughts on “Kyle Blaeuer, the Racist Working for the Columbia Dinner Train

  1. Ed Bell says:

    This isn’t the first time that someone from the Dinner Train has used Social Media to argue/be rude. As it turns out, they posted a message on my blog right before I took my second trip – so it made my review:

  2. Mike Magnus says:

    If I made a list of people I know who care the most about the future of their country, Eapan would be in the top 3. Eapen is exactly what we need more of in this country. The Kyles of the world, we could do without…

  3. jcalton says:

    This does require us to believe he really works for the dinner train…has that been verified? Anybody willing to spew all that could easily be lying about, well, anything.

    So, assuming that it’s true that he works there, it’s puzzling that he thinks his boss won’t care. Why would that be? His boss works for a customer-goodwill service-industry business taking public funds that’s already taken a hit for discrimination (vis a vis ADA) and is in the news and public eye from time to time.
    That doesn’t make any sense.

    Either he’s lying, he’s an idiot [not mutually exclusive, btw], or his boss is a racist.

    If this was sent at 1:30 am, that would explain a lot.

  4. Brandon Halpin says:

    The dinner train has confirmed he worked there and that he was fired. They also apologized for his remarks.

  5. Al Hendi says:

    Lol. I like that you tagged him in the post.

    Tag; You’re fired

  6. Steven Senger says:


  7. Alison Martin says:

    Honestly, this is heartbreaking. I feel sick that this happened to you. You are a good person and engaged citizen. I want you to know that I care and I appreciate you!

  8. LJS says:

    This sort of documented ignorance and Racism will hopefully be enough to keep him unemployed. What an ass. Great work Eapen.

  9. Drew Wilson says:

    Wow. Disgraceful, and a scary reality check. Don’t spend another moment of your brainpower on this though, Eapen.

  10. Just confirming that this fool has indeed been fired. Here’s what the Dinner Train operators wrote in response to an inquiry I sent: ” I have as well seen this. I woke up this morning to see that last night he got into a fight with someone on facebook and said very inappropriate things. These things do not follow the views of the Columbia Star Dinner Train. He has worked on the train 8 days. I terminated him already this morning. I was shocked and appalled by the things he said. I’m trying to do some damage control myself. I’m very worried about the backlash from this considering I hired a server to serve people food and had no idea he was going on get online and start to say hateful things to people. He is not a representation of this company, he is no longer an employee, he was never a full time employee or ever intended to be.”

  11. Glenn Craven says:

    It’s truly sad that a certain percentage of American society seems to survive on equal parts anger, hate and fear of those who are unlike themselves. One would hope Kyle Blaeuer learns something valuable from this, but in my experience that isn’t often the case. … If we’re lucky, maybe at least his college will teach him the importance of capitalization and the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

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