Assorted links

I have well over 100 tabs open, partly because I find so many blog-worthy things to read, but end up not having time to blog many of them. So I’m clearing my tabs today, and posting all the worthwhile links that I’ve been reading lately.

Legislative history of the Controlled Substances Act

If you’re in Kansas, here’s information about Kansas’s open records law

Sara Serot and Dennis Owsley in the STL Beacon say the War on Drugs is a policy failure

Amazon: “From Niggas to Gods” by Akil

I met CA Congressional candidate Steve Collet in LA in May. Here he writes to promote the Presidential Candidacy of Gary Johnson, noting Johnson’s stance on amnesty for non-violent marijuana users

Tim Sandefur blasts on the EPA’s compliance order regime at Cato

Working paper: The Economics of the Arab Spring (recommended)

James Bickford at SCOTUSBlog discusses a recent case where the merits of private prosecution was part of the argument

“Everything I learned about startups, I learned from a crime boss”



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