IRISlink/IRIS OCR Customer Service

I bought an IRISNotes digital pen through IRIS USA’s website. The technology is fascinating of course and has the potential to be extremely useful, however the transponder that the pen uses to record its work seems to be broken. This may be a physical defect, perhaps the battery is non-functional, or perhaps it was damaged in shipping. Regardless, I was extremely frustrated that the only customer service contact was through a web contact form, which gets you a poorly written response by IRIS’s European staff (who of course are not fluent in English). There are no telephone contact numbers listed. I ended up having to call IRIS directly, using a phone number I culled from their investor newsletter. After I threatened them with a lawsuit in small-claims court they were responsive and have promised to replace the transponder, but I thought I would repost the phone number I used here so that other people who google IRIS can find a phone number without too much research.

IRISLink customer service: 561-921-0847.

You can also email Pierre de Muelenaere, the president of IRIS, here: Their CEO is Etienne Van de Kerckhove, who can be reached at

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