Gay McDonalds ad in France

Note the final words (“come as you are”). It is strange to think that many Americans, particularly those who define themselves through their attachment to a Christian ideology, are not so open and accepting of difference as McDonald’s is willing to be.

H/T: Justin Scott.

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3 thoughts on “Gay McDonalds ad in France

  1. ben butler says:

    or is it just that corporate capitalism can co-opt any movement? venez comme vous etes si vous venez avec ton argent…

  2. Eapen Thampy says:

    or did the movement co-opt corporate capitalism?

  3. I think the most interesting part of the ad is how awkward of a note it ends on. That is almost assuredly an extremely uncomfortable situation for that kid. I guess the takeaway message is that even if you’re not sure how your father feels about your homosexuality, McDonald’s is totally cool with it. Obviously, they would never run an ad like that in the U.S. because the subject matter is still considered too risque (hopefully that will change in the near future), but they’d also never run it here because of how unresolved it feels.

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