Meta: New things in May

May will be an exciting month for me. I’ll be increasing the amount of work I post as more projects come to maturity. New and expanded topics include the mathematics of complexity and systems theory, markets as complex adaptive systems, policy work on Missouri’s earning tax, policy work on civil asset forfeiture, policy work on payday lending, policy work on comparative legal systems, sabremetrics and soccer.

One of the items not mentioned above because I wanted to mention it specifically is wine. Wine is a serious hobby of mine and this summer I hope to take the Certified Sommelier examination of the Court of Master Sommeliers. Hopefully that’ll mean a trip to someplace interesting and fun. There is also fun and very interesting work on the economics of wine that has been working its way my pile of drafts that I think will be worthwhile.

And finally, Daniel Maconald over at Imagining History has graciously invited me to begin writing in collaboration with him on economics; his initial thought was to use ‘Anti-Mankiw‘ as a starting point and see where that takes us.


One thought on “Meta: New things in May

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