Optimal location decisions for entrepreneurs

Published in the NYT, found here:

Though Uruguay’s small size is a handicap in trade with its Latin neighbors, Brenner says that for entrepreneurship, “being small is an advantage.” Companies are unlikely to get rich off of just selling in Uruguay, so they are forced to compete globally from the get-go. He sees an analogy with Israel, another place where the domestic market for numerous well-reputed tech companies is a mere afterthought. Brenner in fact got his start in Israel. While living there, he co-founded Breezecom in 1993, a pioneer in wireless LAN networks and played a key role in developing the initial IEEE 802.11 protocol, according to Phil Belanger, a founding member of the WiFi Alliance. Breezecom set up one of the first Wi-Fi access points in the world, so Brenner is accustomed to creating new market opportunities without being restrained by geography.

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