The Median Voter Theorem, Utah Edition

In the short term, however, Martin’s concern is surviving the Republican convention. Beyond courting delegates, he said he is counting on traditionally low turnout in the primaries.

“I think people will come around once they get to know my ideas,” Martin said. “People are tired of boring politicians who are married to the system. I have real ideas.”

The article is here. Martin is running for governor of Utah. His policy stances are:

Gold reserves and statewide food storage are the keys to Utah’s future, said businessman Richard Martin, who joined the race for governor Monday.

Standing outside the Salt Lake City Library, Martin announced he is challenging Gov. Gary Herbert for the Republican nomination.

Economic stability will depend on innovative ideas, something current state leaders lack, Martin said.

My only comment is to note that while Martin’s stances are, *ahem*, a little out of the mainstream, I wouldn’t qualify gold hoarding as innovative (China does it). Neither would I qualify emergency food storage as particularly innovative; the United States Federal Government administers an emergency good reserve called the Bill Emerson Humanitarian Trust.


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