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I’ve decided to change the way the main page of this blog appears by using the wordpress option to hide a selected portion of larger posts under a “fold” that you can click through. The reason is that I want visitors to the homepage to see the headings of 3-5 posts instead of having to scroll through longer posts that they’re not necessarily interested in. Thoughts?

As an aside, here is Rory Sutherland giving a Ted Talk titled “Life Lessons From an Ad Man“. Key concept: The interface determines behavior. You could write several papers on information economics from the ideas contained within.

Additionally, I’ve asked a couple friends and academics to co-blog a couple posts on this blog. I’ll keep you updated if I have responses and hash out specifics. I will say that I’ve asked a close friend to blog about the structural features of some fascinating emerging markets, and another to blog about their research into ethnomusicology. I’m excited.

Oh, and a quick book recommendation: Beppe Fenoglio’s Twenty-Tree Days in the City of Alba. Picked this up Monday, finished it tonight (after many interruptions). This is incisive, wonderful Hemingway-esque prose from a relatively unknown author. Truly remarkable.

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