Axis of Evil, and Other Assorted Links

1. The axis of evil, by Land and Magueijo in 2005. Roughly speaking this paper discusses data that indicates the standard model of cosmology needs revising. As far as paper titles by theoretical physicists go, this one gets props for being accessibly clever.

2. What is the bloop? Wiki here: “…it was several times louder than any known biological sound.”

3. “…the only thing that is clear when it comes to diversity and publishing is its utter and complete lack of consistency…” (via Bookslut)

4. Crayola’s law.

5. What hallucinations reveal about our minds by Oliver Sacks M.D. As an aside I recently finished Musicophilia and recommend it in the canon of superb medical writing.

6. Richard Posner on consumer protection with a specific discussion of obesity and medical costs: “Somewhat more promising measures are: instruction in nutrition and the dangers of obesity in elementary and high schools; healthful school-lunch programs; expanded compulsory physical education in schools; restrictions on foods that can be purchased with food stamps; a tax on advertising fast food; a tax on video games; a ban on food advertisements aimed at children; a relaxation of regulations of health insurance that discourage charging higher premiums to the obese (and that thus subsidize obesity); a tax on soft drinks that contain sugar; and a calorie tax.”


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