What I Want For Christmas

Just got an email:

Act now to purchase Mathematica 7 Home Edition at the low price
of just $249–15% off the regular price of $295. Don’t delay,
because this offer is only good until December 31, 2009:

Mathematica 7 Home Edition contains all the functionality of the
professional version of Mathematica 7 at a fraction of the cost,
giving you the same technology used by Nobel Prize winners,
Fortune 500 companies, and prestigious universities around the

With Home Edition, your possibilities are virtually endless. You
* Give your kids the edge in math and science with exciting
visuals and easy-to-use interactive tools
* Examine your stock portfolio and research trends, and develop
your own models to predict changes
* Graph your social networks by connecting to APIs with web
* Pursue hobbies such as mapping planets or stars, modeling
weather patterns, or exploring geographic data

Leave me a comment if you would like to buy this program for me.

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