What I’m Reading Lately

1. The irrepressible Brian Leiter ranks law schools by SSRN downloads. Dream school U. Chicago is #1 to Harvard in per capita downloads. Yale is #8. I shouldn’t be surprised at the strength of a number of large state schools, but I kinda am.

2. Roger Martin in the Financial Times argues for ending the use of shareholder value theory and stock-based compensation alignment theory, which incentivize executives to game the expectations market at the expense of real market performance. Registration may be required. HT: Shawn Borich.

3. Grad students use computer program to successfully submit spoof paper to academic journal. Link here.

4. Research in everything: This blog trolls the dark abysses of PubMed, looking for those research papers that are at least a little strange/silly/weird/etc. Well worth the break from whatever you’re doing. Also useful if you doubt your research ideas might be worth funding.

5. I want to watch the rest of this movie.

6. NBER Economic Indicators.


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