Following Up: More Shame from the Bush Legacy

I’m working on a post about commodity-backed monetary standards, but in the interim, here is an article from ABCNews about the former Guantanamo prisoner at the center of Boumediene vs. Bush. The article details his narrative of 7 years of torture while at Guantanamo, with no evidence to warrant his detention nor the brutal treatment he apparently received at the hands of the US military and intelligence services. I am astounded that former President Bush and his administration continue to reiterate what are now obviously lies about the ‘necessary things’ they did in the name of the people they served (us) and more astounded that there are still people who continue to believe these narratives of fear, hate, and intolerance. Boumediene’s narrative is a powerful argument against the politics of fear and for an informed citizenry that is willing to demand transparency and accountability from government.

Link here.


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