Policy Debate in Missouri

I was a 4 year policy debater for Parkway North High School in St. Louis. At the University of Missouri-Columbia, I debated for 2.5 years on the NDT/CEDA policy debate circuit, achieving some competive success (though constrained by lack of institutional funding). I have coached and assisted high school teams to 2 state tournaments and 2 national tournaments and donate my time on request to teams looking for advice, coaching, or help. I also donate time to judging debate tournaments when I can.

I have a discussion on the state of debate in Missouri as well as some arguments on why the circuit has been less than smart about maintaining interest and integrity here at the Missouri forum on www.cross-x.com, the premier high school debate website. If you’re interested in the subject it is a good read.

If you don’t know much about the activity, I can assure you that debate is one of the best things for high schoolers to engage in. It was one of the most intellectually stimulating activities I’ve ever engaged in and provided me with a solid intellectual foundation for approaching knowledge and advocacy. If you can ever advocate for something germane to secondary education, advocate for the institution and support of debate activities in high schools. The benefits are profound.
Full disclosure: I was affliated with Cross-x for many years have great respect for Phil Kerpen, the guy who owns the site. Phil’s politics are a little different from mine (he’s a right-leaning libertarian and I’m a left-leaning libertarian but he has a mind of tremendous precision and I’ve learned tons from his work.

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One thought on “Policy Debate in Missouri

  1. Howard Burkholz says:

    Hi Eapen,

    My name is Howard. I was a moderately successful HS debater way way back in
    the day. My coach was Ralph Cary for whom the NFL Hall of Fame is named. In
    college I made it to NDT, broke at most major national tournaments, made it to
    semi’s at college TOC (yes there used to be one).

    I left to debate to become a political consultant but came back to coach six years
    ago. Since then, I have had policy teams qualify for Nats. My LDer went 10
    rounds and my PF team made semis.

    My last team just closed out Florida Blue Key (TOC bid at Finals).

    I just moved to Columbia to be with my daughter who is expecting her first.

    Obviously, I am intersted in coaching, tutoring or judging. I am more than
    willing to donate my team at the start and see where we go from there.

    I am a certified teacher in speech and debate and have also taught at the Community
    College level.

    Let me know.

    Howard M. Burkholz

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