Welcome to my Blog!

Statement of purpose: This blog’s purpose will be primarily as an outlet for me to explore my interests in economics and other arenas. I’ll try to maintain a fairly rigorous standard as far as quality is concerned and hope be able to discuss a wide variety of topics. So that’s that.

What I’m reading this morning:

1. Discussion of certain linguistic memes in the NYT.

2. Rediscovered the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack, featuring Clint Mansell and The Kronos Quartet. Used to have the remixed version including tracks from Paul Oakenfold and Delerium, but lost it a few years ago. Does anyone have a copy? (Wait, I don’t have any readers yet).

3. Initially posted by others, but I’m going to be re-reading this fairly carefully: Brad DeLong on the Geithner Plan.


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